Amanda Powers

Amanda Powers is a Houston based artist who works in a variety of media to search and analyze areas of society, self, and physical location. Her work takes a critical view of the way people see themselves, each other, and the surroundings that we inhabit. Observing and deconstructing environment, Amanda’s work investigates societal norms and boundaries, self-image, and internal versus external communication. Amanda often combines contrasting materials and mixes representational with non-representational imagery to create both a conflict and balance between what is seen and unseen in a person or environment. 

Amanda earned a Bachelor of Fine Art in Design in 2012 from Sam Houston State University, studied fine art at Estudio Nómada in Barcelona, Spain and studied oil painting under Polly Liu in Houston. As co-founder and an active member of Open MFA Houston, Amanda continues to learn and expand her practice, discovering and experimenting with new ideas.

www.amandapowers.us | @amandaaapowers